What is the Innovate Dialysis Project?

The Innovate Dialysis Project is dedicated to the promotion of, and support for, improvements in dialysis care for U.S. patients.  To that end, the Project aims to inform lawmakers about the vital need to promote innovation in dialysis services.

Unfortunately, there has been little innovation in dialysis services in the United States over the past two decades.  As a result, dialysis patients today are receiving largely the same treatment they would have received when dialysis was first introduced into the U.S. marketplace.  Patients are accordingly left with the status quo that includes unnecessarily high rates of health complications from dialysis, with little happening to improve the incidence of adverse health events or improve dialysis patient’s experiences.

How Can You Help?

The Innovate Dialysis Project aims to improve dialysis care in the United States by supporting innovation in how dialysis treatments are provided and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.  The Medicare program, run by the federal government, supports the vast majority of ESRD patients in the United States – and their policies set the stage.

Please join us in supporting these needed innovations and let the federal government know how they can help support improvements in U.S. dialysis care. Share your personal story to let them know the urgency of improving dialysis care for all patients with kidney disease.